You, me and Yoga Gentle

Whatever your age and whatever your lifestyle, modern society can take its toll on you physically and mentally too. But yoga is a wonderful way to undo the everyday stresses and strains and to reconnect with your body, mind and soul, as well as improve your posture and physical wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many modern-day yoga practices have become very focussed on achieving the perfect pose or ensuring you stretch, strain and force your body into certain positions in order to achieve your goals. It makes yoga feel more like a fitness class rather than a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Maria’s Yoga Gentle

I’m Maria and my Yoga Gentle is a type of yoga which is natural, soft and as you’d expect from the name, very gentle. The results are profound, the experience is deep and the focus is very much on inner feeling rather than external results.

About me

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2011. I’ve been a Shakti Dance Instructor (the yoga of dance) with Sara Avtar Olivier, London and I have a BTEC level 4 Professional Diploma in Teaching Yoga from Morley College, London which involved tree years intensive study of all aspects of yoga. I also have a thorough understanding of anatomy and how yoga relates to it.

I’ve taught here in the UK and in Australia, and helped a broad range of people from office workers, to the elderly and people with limited mobility and mental health issues.

I regularly attend teacher’s workshops in UK and overseas for continuous learning and improving my own practice and teaching skills.

My approach

My lessons are designed to help you let go of tension, leaving your body feeling liberated and free.  Together, we’ll explore different ways of freeing your body from stiffness, unlocking those parts where there’s tension or blocks. With my help, we’ll work on discovering a way of moving which comes from working with gravity and breath, not against it and you’ll learn to release holding patterns that don’t serve you well. You’ll also learn to connect through your spine, move more freely and use your energy more efficiently. And you’ll experience a lightness of being, sometimes joy, sometimes a wonderful inner equilibrium, as well as feeling more at ease with the world.

I only work with small groups and individuals to make sure you get maximum benefits and understanding of my Yoga Gentle practices. I look forward to working with you.