Private Lessons

One to one yoga sessions

If you’re pushed for time, struggle to travel or just feel a little intimidated at the thought of a yoga class, my one to one sessions are ideal. I’ll come to your home at a convenient time and work with you at your pace. With one-on-one attention, you can work towards a specific goal and learn ways to build your practice based on your specific needs.

Cost £40 for 1 hour lesson. Call to check availability

What to expect from Yoga Gentle lessons

Yoga Gentle is a more natural and soft approach to Yoga than you may have experienced before. What that means is that it’s not about forcing your body into a certain pose or posture or stretching and straining. It’s about learning to listen to your body, and learning to let go of the inherent tensions in your body. Tension you may not even be conscious of. And it’s about learning to release your body so that it’s many parts can work in harmony and balance.

In my classes, I encourage you to let go of life’s many responsibilities and worries for a while and enjoy the silence and space created by the practice of yoga. Your Yoga Gentle class is a chance to allow yourself to simply be. There is no pressure to achieve. You can let your thoughts drift away like clouds and let your mind be empty.

The emphasis in class is on inner feeling rather than outer movement. The aim is to ensure your posture is developed around your body, rather than your body around the posture. It’s important to remember that the poses are not the reason we practice yoga. We do it to cultivate peace, focus and calm.

I work in a hands-on way, making adjustments when necessary to help explain and I’ll work with you to explore a pose rather than focusing on what the pose looks like. Afterwards, we relax and come back to everyday life with a feeling of inner calm and peace, clarity and self-love.

Yoga Gentle is a very liberating process based around your natural rhythms of breathing, soft movement and rest. It involves a sequence of slow and flowing movements. As the name suggests, it’s very gentle but at the same time, the experience is profound and will have a deep impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, leaving you feel free and well balanced.

To book or to find out more about Yoga Gentle please contact Maria