Yoga Gentle Classes – Farnborough & Camberley

You don’t need any experience of yoga to attend one of my classes or sessions.

You can book one to one sessions, join a group or book a corporate yoga session. My group sessions never have more than 8 attendees. That way, I can ensure you get the individual help and attention you deserve.

Small group yoga sessions

Tuesday 11:30-12:45: Blackwater Camberley – £9 drop in or £30 for 4 classes (Call to check availability)

Wednesday 18:45-20:00: Blackwater Camberley – £9 drop in or £30 for 4 classes (Call to check availability)

All mats provided. All classes are suitable for all ages and ability. You don’t need to be fit or flexible to enjoy the many benefits of my Yoga Gentle.

Corporative yoga classes

Arranged at your premises at office lunch time or after work. Great to calm the mind, release body tension, improve flexibility, focus and concentration and reduce stress. Making the workplace a healthier environment.

What to expect from my Yoga Gentle classes

In my classes, I encourage you to let go of life’s many responsibilities and worries for a while and enjoy the silence and space created by the practice of yoga. Your Yoga Gentle class is a chance to allow yourself to simply be. There is no pressure to achieve. You can let your thoughts drift away like clouds and let your mind be empty.

The emphasis in class is on inner feeling rather than outer movement. The aim is to ensure your posture is developed around your body, rather than your body around the posture. It’s important to remember that the poses are not the reason we practice yoga. We do it to cultivate peace, focus and calm.

I work in a hands-on way, making adjustments when necessary to help explain and I’ll work with you to explore a pose rather than focusing on what the pose looks like. Afterwards, we relax and come back to everyday life with a feeling of inner calm and peace, clarity and self-love.

To book or to find out more about Yoga Gentle please contact Maria